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How does it work?

How do I chose the right school and how do I know it is a good one?


Viewing a class and meeting the instructors is the best way to know whether a dojo is the right fit for you and your family. Experiencing the culture and philosophy of the instructors, parents and students is key. 

How are the instructors? Do they have a nice professional set up? Do they show respect to their students, instructors and families? 

Depending on what your goals and expectations are for your child and their journey in Karate, you will know what is best for your child. 

Why choose Triple Arts Karate?
- Triple Arts has been actively teaching karate to the Cambridge Community for 12 years. 
- We are the only studio that offers multiple programs such as Dance, Music and Drama. 
- A member of the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do Federation.
- Month to month class fees. 
- Classes for all ages, children, teens and adults.
- Plenty of parking and accessibility. 
- Family Friendly and professional environment. 
- Activities and events for the whole family.


What age is suitable for a child to start karate classes?

Karate classes are generally open to kids as young as 4 to 6 years old, depending on the dojo (karate school). Some dojos even offer specialized classes for preschoolers.


What are the benefits of karate for kids?

Karate provides numerous benefits for children, including improved physical fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, better focus and concentration, and the ability to defend themselves if needed. It also promotes respect for others and teamwork.


Are karate classes safe for kids?

Yes, karate classes are designed to be safe for children. Instructors prioritize safety through proper supervision, teaching age-appropriate techniques, and using protective equipment when necessary.


Do kids need any prior experience in martial arts to join karate classes?

No prior experience is required. Karate classes for kids are typically beginner-friendly and cater to children of all skill levels.


What should my child wear to karate classes?

A white Karate Gi and belt is required.


How often should kids attend karate classes?

The frequency of classes can vary, but we recommend at least two classes per week for consistent progress. However, this can depend on the child's age and schedule. Triple Arts offers a once per week program.


Is karate just about physical training, or does it also emphasize discipline and character development?

Karate places a strong emphasis on character development, including discipline, respect, and self-control. In addition to physical techniques, instructors often teach life skills and values that can benefit children in their daily lives.


How can I support my child's karate training at home?

Encourage regular practice of basic techniques and kata (forms) at home, reinforce the importance of discipline and respect, and show interest in your child's progress by attending their classes and gradings.

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