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I hereby waive any and all rights or claims I may have against TRIPLE ARTS INC. “TRIPLE ARTS ACADEMY” organizers, and all their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, members, staff and all individuals assisting in instructing, participating in and conducting these activities. I hereby fully release and discharge them from any and all claims resulting from injuries, including death, damages or loss which may accrue to me or my heirs arising out of or in any way connected with my attendance and/or participation at any TRIPLE ARTS classes and/or activities. This shall include acts or omissions and negligence, whether they be my own or those of anyone else.  I give this acknowledgement freely and knowingly, and I represent and warrant that I am physically and mentally fit and that, as a result, able to participate and I do hereby assume responsibility for my own well-being understanding that participation involves bodily contact.  
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